Do more with less using linerless and wash-off label innovations

Our label adhesive solutions designed with circularity in mind allow your business to do more with less by ensuring efficiency in manufacturing and better waste management.We will be showcasing our linerless and wash-off label adhesives at ···

wash-off labels  linerless labels  sustainable adhesives  tape&label 

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Bostik: Let us stick and grow along with you!

Bostik’s commitment to food safety and its focus on helping customers comply with these regulations allows the company to position itself as a strategic partner for flexible packaging enterprises. Flexible packaging manufacturers are invit···

flexible packaging  SF10M  Solvent-Free Adhesive 

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Sustaining building solutions for the future

The emphasis on sustainable construction is gaining importance with builders focused on constructing buildings with processes that are environmentally dependable and resource efficient. Adhesives and sealants are a major part of that equati···

Building components  sustainability  sustainable adhesives 

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Bostik’s New Thermal Conductive Adhesives Accelerating Innovation in EV Batteries Technology

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist is introducing its new Thermal Conductive Adhesives (TCA) range to address the challenge of thermal management in the latest Cell-to-Pack (CTP) battery design for e-mobility solutions. As the mom···

TCA  Mobility  Electric Vehicle  Battery  adhesives 

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