Walking boldly towards innovation in footwear adhesive solutions

Through technological advancements and in response to the consumers’ evolving lifestyles, footwear today offers more than just protection in every step. Shoes are now designed to unlock the highest levels of athletic performance, track fit···

Assembly  Footwear 

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Bostik Drives Evolution: Innovating the Way We Move

With more than 130 years of adhesives expertise and over 9,000 patented technologies, Bostik remains steadfast in presenting smart solutions for the way we move. Today, the company provides adhesive and sealant technologies for the evolving···

Automotive  Adhesives  Sealants 

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Bostik carves out role in woodworking industry with smart adhesives

Leading global multi-market adhesives specialist Bostik prides itself on delivering smart adhesive solutions that help industries evolve. Recognising the crucial role of bonding materials in the woodworking market, as well as the continued ···

Building Components  Woodworking 

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Three requirements your fruit and vegetable labels need to meet

As consumers place more importance on food content and quality, the labelling of items such as fruit and vegetables is one of the most critical and direct means for sellers to communicate product information.The seemingly inconspicuous labe···

Label  Fruit&Vegetable  Food Touch H18 series 

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A look into the shift to eco-friendly products with high performance solvent-free adhesives

In the wake of the pandemic, together with the uncertainty it brings to consumers and businesses alike, it is important to track consumer sentiment and behaviour as people learn to live with the reality of the new normal.Surveys on consumer···

Flexible Packaging  HERBERTS™  Solvent-free 

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