A look into the shift to eco-friendly products with high performance solvent-free adhesives

In the wake of the pandemic, together with the uncertainty it brings to consumers and businesses alike, it is important to track consumer sentiment and behaviour as people learn to live with the reality of the new normal.Surveys on consumer···

Flexible Packaging  HERBERTS™  Solvent-free 

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Bostik introduces Food Touch H18 series for direct food contact labels

SHANGHAI, 30 Oct. 2020 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has announced the launch of Bostik Food Touch H18, a new series of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs) for ···

Label  H18 series 

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Bostik Keeping Trains Safe and Reliable through Innovation

Railway vehicles transport large numbers of people every day. In the Philippines, data from the Department of Transportation show that the congested Manila Metro Rail Transit System accommodated a daily average of more than a quarter of a m···

General Transportation  Railway  ISR 

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Raising the bar for the global e-commerce packaging market

The world of e-commerce is big, and it’s inarguably growing. Even more so due to the global crisis. Before the global crisis hits, it was already expected that the global e-commerce packaging market would reach USD 61.55 billion by 2025. M···

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Assess Your Furniture Assembly Adhesive Options

Hot Melt Furniture Assembly AdhesivesHot melt adhesives are thermoplastic in nature. This means they are either a molten film or in a series of beads that solidfy at room temperature. When considering these adhesives for furniture assembly,···

Assembly  Furniture 

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