Meeting changing packaging needs brought upon by the pandemic

The pandemic has profoundly impacted all aspects of our lifestyle, including the significant change in our purchasing behaviour. Our shopping habits have significantly shifted from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, and the pandemic has influe···

  Consumer Goods & Paper  Flexible Packaging  Sustainablity  Compostable 

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The Smart Solutions Behind Every Battery

Modern batteries are transforming the electric vehicle industry, but have you ever stopped to consider the smart solutions behind this new generation of batteries?The timing couldn’t be more pertinent. As the world looks toward post-pandem···

Battery  Automotive 

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Arkema announces acquisition of Ashland Performance Adhesive

This project perfectly aligns with the Arkema Group’s ambition to become a pure Specialty Materials player by 2024 and focus its development on sustainable and high performance solutions.With its large range of key technologies and well-kn···

Acquisition  Ashland  Corporate 

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Bostik’s Born2Bond™ AU588 Solution Offers Unparalleled Balance, Unmatched Precision

Much has been made about the advantages of automated production processes. While the benefits of higher production rates, increased productivity and reduced factory lead times are clearly established, it should be noted that none of these p···

Engineering Adhesives  Born2Bond™  CIPG 

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Bostik Announces Launch of New GCR Series for Rail market and Other General Transportation Markets

Shanghai, July 26 2021 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist, is introducing its new series of GCR adhesive and sealant solutions for the transport industry, as the company continues to expand its feature rich line-up of Silane-mo···

General Transportation  GCR Series 

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