A Bond to Light up a Technological Future

Light Lock is a light cure cyanoacrylate with the versatility of bonding a wide variety of substrates together. Its fast-curing time and precise gap filling abilities lends to faster and more accurate assembly lines while its low bloom feat···

Engineering Adhesives  BORN2BOND™  Light Lock 

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Top things to look out for when choosing your tyre labels

You probably already know the three key things a tyre label informs users of: (1) fuel efficiency, (2) noise level, and (3) wet braking performance. This information is vital to informing and convincing consumers what tyre to buy.

Tape & Label  Tyre Labels  ThermoGrip® 

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Bostik’s Next Generation of Adhesive Solutions for Edge Banding Application

Quality and appearance are key considerations which is why edge banding has been rising in prominence. While edge banding boosts the durability of the construction, it also enhances the appearance of the product giving it a high-end quality···

Supergrip  Building Components  Edge Banding 

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Bostik sustainable packaging series - our sustainable innovations on the market

In this episode, our Tape, Label & Medical Global Market Director Eric PAROIS talks about trends and sustainable innovations on the market such as wash-off labels and linerless labels; and explains the role that Bostik and Arkema play withi···

Tape & Label  Sustainable packaging 

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Bostik's smart adhesives for stitchless garments

When manufacturing clothing for the fashion industry, it’s important to ensure the end-use products address key consumer trends for quality and performance while improving production sustainability and output volume. For stitchless clothin···

Assembly  Outdoor Solutions  Stitchless 

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