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Interview for Vikas Kulkarni, Bostik India Managing Director

In conversation with Vikas Kulkarni, Managing Director, Bostik India, Food Marketing and Technology Magazine asked him questions regarding Bostik’s adhesive solutions and his learnings from the Covid-19 disruption. He talked about excellen···

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Don’t stick with the old when it comes to food labelling

Food product labellingWorldwide, there has been a sharp rise in consumer demand in many commodity-driven industries due to the availability of a wider range of products online and in stores.One sector that has seen an upward trend in demand···

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Three requirements your fruit and vegetable labels need to meet

As consumers place more importance on food content and quality, the labelling of items such as fruit and vegetables is one of the most critical and direct means for sellers to communicate product information.The seemingly inconspicuous labe···

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Bostik introduces Food Touch H18 series for direct food contact labels

SHANGHAI, 30 Oct. 2020 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has announced the launch of Bostik Food Touch H18, a new series of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs) for ···

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Raising the bar for the global e-commerce packaging market

The world of e-commerce is big, and it’s inarguably growing. Even more so due to the global crisis. Before the global crisis hits, it was already expected that the global e-commerce packaging market would reach USD 61.55 billion by 2025. M···

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