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How you can play a part in the drive towards sustainable F&B packaging in Asia

Sustainable food and beverage (F&B) packaging is becoming a key element for manufacturers in Asia, thanks to growing consumer demand and the increased attention on the impact of packaging waste. As reported by Research and Markets, the ···

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Bostik launches HERBERTS™ EPS 8760/KN75, a smart adhesive solution for cold forming blister packagin

SHANGHAI, 19 APRIL 2021 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has launched HERBERTS™ EPS 8760/KN75, a high-performance, smart adhesive that has been designed to improve the proce···

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A look into the shift to eco-friendly products with high performance solvent-free adhesives

In the wake of the pandemic, together with the uncertainty it brings to consumers and businesses alike, it is important to track consumer sentiment and behaviour as people learn to live with the reality of the new normal.Surveys on consumer···

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Six reasons why your food products need flexible packaging

Undoubtedly, packaging plays a significant role in the food industry, preventing food contamination and helping to extend freshness. Over the years, more options in food packaging have been made possible, and flexible packaging in particula···

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Bostik launches solvent-free HERBERTS™ 700 series product line for retort and metalized film applica

SINGAPORE, 8 JUNE 2020 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, is proud to announce a new series of high-performance flexible lamination solutions. The Bostik HERBERTS™ 700 series,···

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