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Bostik Sustainable Packaging Series

 2021-10-26       37

Episode 1 | Richard Lelièvre – Senior Vice President, Bostik Advanced Packaging 

In a world of complex environmental challenges, smart adhesives enable circular packaging. As global emphasis on reducing our environmental impact grows, many brand owners and packaging producers look to use and produce more sustainable packaging. This could be achieved through easier recyclability, compostability when packaging cannot be collected, use of bio-based material, but it could be also through reusing or reducing packaging. It is however, equally important to keep the essential purpose of packaging, and not compromising on it, which is insuring food safety and reducing food waste.

Part of Arkema, Bostik leads the adhesive solutions platform of the group. Arkema is one of the most global innovative advanced materials producer, which gives us nonetheless backward integration but also a strong innovation power and access to new materials and concepts to build the world and the packaging for tomorrow.

Episode 2 | Virginie Delcroix – Arkema Vice President, Sustainable Development 

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