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First Born2Bond™ Adhesive Solutions Customer Seminar in Shenzhen, China

 2021-11-22       161

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that engineers require more advanced products that can accommodate smaller and more complex designs. There is also a demand for products that are more adaptable and can facilitate faster-curing processes, while meeting exacting environmental and health and safety regulations. 

Recognising this, Bostik collaborated with "XunCaiWenLiao" and organised the "Born2Bond™ Adhesive Solutions Customer Seminar - E-Cigarette and Audio Devices Session" on November 12th at the Innovative Material Hall, in Shenzhen. The organisers’ aim was to present on current market trends and innovative technologies of E-cigarette and audio devices to the more than 60 participants who attended the seminar. 


Research and development are at the heart of Bostik, and we focus on innovation whilst being committed to continuously developing more smart adhesives to meet a wide range of needs. According to survey analyses, one of the most significant trends in the current audio industry is the miniaturisation of devices. Following this trend, new adhesive materials suitable for robot coating operations need to be developed. 

Wufeng Mo, Engineer for Bostik Engineering Adhesive R&D, gave an overview of adhesives and introduced products under Bostik’s repertoire.  His presentation provided focused on an R&D perspective and highlighted Bostik’s high-performance smart bonding solutions that are available for a wide range of surfaces and materials, especially in harsher conditions. The adhesives are able to achieve higher performance and quality with lower costs and improved productivity. Bostik plays an important role in a world that is increasingly forward looking and engrossed in sustainability and we use innovative technologies to tackle issues of compliance, sustainability, and environmental challenges.


Bostik’s commitment towards progressing its products is especially key in China’s manufacturing landscape.  China will continue to drive sustainable growth across the manufacturing sector within the next 5 years even as it prevails against the challenges of Industry 4.0 as the world's largest manufacturing country with a market share of 52%, 

Minmin Yu, Marketing Manager, Bostik Engineering Adhesive APAC, provided the audience an audio-visual feast with her presentation on market profiles and applications for E-cigarettes and audio devices. Bostik smart adhesive solutions can be applied to E-cigarettes and various professional audio devices, including headsets, speakers, automotive entertainment systems, hearing aids, and other large sound systems. Ms. Yu highlighted that Bostik is continuously delivering innovative products and solutions to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding needs of Asian markets, enterprises, and private clients, and to adapt to the dynamic and challenging environment to achieve sustainable corporate target. 


At the seminar, Bostik had set up a display area for the full range of Born2Bond™ products and product applications area for interactions and communications with customers. The Born2Bond™ smart adhesive solutions are tailor-made to meet the end-to-end needs of a wide range of industries, including electronics manufacturing. Through this industrial seminar, Bostik hopes to boost its brand awareness while bringing ingenious adhesive solutions to customers. Bostik is confident that it will steadily uphold its industry leadership position through smart, innovative, and high-tech adhesive solutions, meeting the rigorous demands of the audio market.


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