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CIPG moving industry forward with innovative technology

 2021-05-28       92

In today’s technologically advanced society, the scope and depth of influence of new gasketing technologies are more omnipresent and deeper than we realise.

Cure-in-Place Gaskets (CIPGs) in particular are specifically developed to replace traditional gaskets in production processes and accommodate modern demands. The technology features high efficiency and precision, designed to be dispensed by robots on smart production lines that assemble gadgets and devices that grow smaller and more complex.

To highlight the crucial yet overlooked role that CIPGs play today, we list down some of the many products that require the technology in its production process. The list includes items of immense value to modern, everyday life that enable us to socialise, work and move, from handheld devices to 

automotive parts:

Mobile Phones

Cameras and Lenses

Smart Watches




Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Other electronic equipment in electric bikes and new-energy automobiles

Given the importance of this new technology, leading global multi-market adhesive specialist Bostik developed a range of high-durability CIPG solutions under the Bostik Born2Bond™ brand. The special line focuses on 'by-the-dot’ bonding and gasketing applications required in the development of new-day consumer electronics and automotive.

The innovations feature a value proposition that fits the industrial tendency of high efficiency, automated processes, odd-shape designs, smaller sizes, light-in-weight, less waste, and water/dust proofing. Bostik’s solutions also present excellent elasticity and proper dispensability, along with exceptional product quality, durability, and strength. These elements put the company’s offerings above the competition in this day and age of environment-conscious industry players.

Bostik had launched the Bostik Born2Bond™ product portfolio to its engineering industry globally in November 2019. The line marked Bostik’s entry into the fast-growing engineering adhesives market, focusing strongly on developing innovations that overcome many of the performance and application limitations of existing solutions. These innovations facilitate faster, smarter production processes while prioritising user safety and sustainability. 

For more information, visit born2bond.bostik.com.