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Bostik’s Born2Bond™ AU588 Solution Offers Unparalleled Balance, Unmatched Precision

 2021-07-30       87

Much has been made about the advantages of automated production processes. While the benefits of higher production rates, increased productivity and reduced factory lead times are clearly established, it should be noted that none of these promises would be realised without the advanced engineering solutions designed to make the systems work at optimal capacity.

Cure-in-Place Gaskets (CIPG), for instance, are developed to offer high efficiency and precision in smart production lines to replace traditional products such as die-cut rubber, die-cut foam rubber or moulded gaskets. Leading global multi-market adhesive specialist Bostik brings the technology up a notch with its own CIPG innovation, the new AU588 solution.

The latest breakthrough demonstrates all the qualities that have made CIPGs a fundamental element of automated processes. The innovation also presents new, groundbreaking features designed to unlock the full potential of automation.

Bostik’s Born2Bond™ AU588 solution showcases well-balanced chemical resistance profile, wherein chemical resistance evaluated by weight change rate after one-day immersion reveals no major drawback compared to similar solutions in the market. It is a special quality that puts Bostik’s CIPG innovation in a unique position to deliver in wider, more stringent applications, such as in industrial electronics and factory automation-related parts, including advanced driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, and engine control unit, or ECU. This, of course, is on top of AU588’s more conventional applications in the manufacturing of everyday devices and gadgets like earplugs, headphones and monitors, among others.

As a CIPG solution, the AU588 is UV reactive and features high seal performance and excellent elasticity. The innovation also exhibits long durability in high-temperature environments, excellent hydrolysis resistance and outstanding thixotropic behaviour, allowing for precise dispensing and a good aspect ratio of the bead.

Bostik’s Born2Bond™ AU588 solution can be easily applied with an automated dispenser which could be programmed to follow specific application area, as Bostik can adjust the formula to cure at a specific wavelength if required. Dispensers used include air pulses, mechanical, jet and 3 axis robots. 

The new Born2Bond™ AU588 solution is part of the first wave of instant engineering gasket developments under the Bostik Born2Bond TM brand. Available in a range of advanced formulations, Bostik Born2BondTM Instant Adhesives overcome many of the performance and application limitations of existing solutions. The innovations facilitate faster and smarter production processes, while prioritising user safety and sustainability. 

For more information, visit born2bond.bostik.com.