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Attend our Webinar: Bostik PSA - One stop solution for your medical tapes

The global medical tapes market has been growing exponentially, largely due to increasing focus on patient safety and wellbeing, the rise in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), and the development of single-patient tapes. To keep up with···

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Bostik addresses the rising trends of the global adhesives tape market with cutting-edge solutions

Adhesive tapes are used in a wide range of industries – logistics & security bags, signage & graphics, automotive, building & construction, medical tape, and many more. Now, they are often considered as the more effective alternative to tr···

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Top things to look out for when choosing your tyre labels

You probably already know the three key things a tyre label informs users of: (1) fuel efficiency, (2) noise level, and (3) wet braking performance. This information is vital to informing and convincing consumers what tyre to buy.

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Bostik sustainable packaging series - our sustainable innovations on the market

In this episode, our Tape, Label & Medical Global Market Director Eric PAROIS talks about trends and sustainable innovations on the market such as wash-off labels and linerless labels; and explains the role that Bostik and Arkema play withi···

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Bostik's smart pressure sensitive adhesives for tyre labels

Bostik supplies adhesives for the entire tyre label supply chain – covering production, conversion, printing, and even application of labels. With decades of experience in durable adhesive technologies, our Research and Development teams h···

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