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Bostik Aroset™ solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives, your best choice of PPF adhesives

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Look around you and observe items such as your mobile phone, laptop, the room walls, the paint on your car.


Is your mobile phone protected by a tempered glass screen protector? How about your car? Does it have a paint protection film (PPF)?


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Scrapes and scratches can damage a vehicle’s original paint. While car parts can replace those that malfunction or are defective, a car’s paint would need to be repainted entirely or you risk it looking patchy. Repainting a car would require a lot of labor work and investment. What is the link between having a tempered glass protector and a car with a PPF? Just like the tempered glass that protects the screen, the PPF sticks to the surface of a whole vehicle to protect its original paint finish.


TPU, or Thermoplastic polyurethanes, is a type of adhesive for PPF that presents toughness, durability, and good oil resistance. Apart from that, the high performing pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have become the core of high-quality PPF as they offer important features such as high adhesion and durability.


Aroset™ – Bostik’s solvent-based acrylic PSAs

*High performance adhesives originally from Ashland

Ashland’s Performance Adhesive business officially joined Bostik in February 2022. With the integration of the business into Bostik, we were able to fully explore the potential of products such as Aroset™.


Aroset™ is a series of solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives that provides industries such as transportation, medical, and commercial with tailor-made, high-value, and innovative solutions. Many PSA products based on this technology have become the first choice for TPU PPF in the transportation market.


Aroset™ has been proven to have excellent UV and aging resistance and maintain stable bonding, excellent solvent, and chemical resistance under high and low temperatures. The adhesives feature two main curing mechanisms – thermal curing and self-crosslinking. These mechanisms can provide more flexible options when it comes to initial adhesion, stripping, and cohesion. The full range of Aroset™ solvent-based acrylic PSAs enables customers to expand their business offerings in the tape and label industry.


Our Aroset™ solvent-based acrylic PSAs enable TPU PPF to be durable and reliable, resistant to yellowing and free from ultraviolet rays, heat, oxygen, moisture and impurities, providing long term protection for vehicles.

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