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Bostik addresses the rising trends of the global adhesives tape market with cutting-edge solutions

 2022-07-18       215

Global adhesives tape market

Adhesive tapes are used in a wide range of industries – logistics & security bags, signage & graphics, automotive, building & construction, medical tape, and many more. Now, they are often considered as the more effective alternative to traditional fastening methods, particularly in the construction and automotive industries – where they’ve replaced nuts and bolts, and screws and rivets. 


According to a marketsandmarkets report (Dec 2021), by 2026, the global adhesives tapes market is projected to grow from US$63.1 billion to US$83.8 billion, at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period. 

As is the case with all industries, the pandemic has reshaped the global adhesives tape market:

  1. There is now higher demand in the healthcare and electrical & electronics industries, in both developed and emerging companies. This can be attributed to rising urbanised populations and improved healthcare systems, born from the pandemic. 

  2. As the global economy picks up, we’re also seeing the increased use of adhesive tapes in diverse end-use industries such as packaging, masking, consumer & office, electrical & electronics, healthcare, automotive, white goods, paper & printing, building & construction, retail, and others. 

To match the growing demand, the industry itself is also undergoing a shift, with:  

A. More new product developments and 

B. Investments & expansions


APAC – opportunities 

In recent months, APAC has been experiencing an economic boom, following significant investments across various industries, including those that require industrial adhesive tapes – such as automotive, healthcare, electrical & electronics, and building & construction

As investments pour in and infrastructure projects regain momentum throughout the region, the demand for such versatile and clean adhesives will rise. Your business can leverage this economic and infrastructural boom to grow. But this has to be done by balancing both sustainability and profitability. 

APAC – challenges 

As you know, the region is not free from challenges. The heightened interconnectivity between APAC and the globe which has resulted in economic growth also means that the region is now highly privy to supply chain disruptions. 

Additionally, as consumers become more tech and environmentally savvy, businesses that do not keep up with this trend will inevitably begin to suffer. Allegations of greenwashing or trading sustainability for profit are quick ways to sink a business. 

Bostik can help drive both profitability and sustainability 

Here, we put the environment at the heart of all our innovations. Glue and adhesives have always had a bad reputation vis-à-vis the environment. But Bostik’s uniquely formulated adhesives for tapes include hot-melt, water-and-solvent-based, pressure-sensitive adhesives, are all designed to be environmentally-friendly. Our technologies also improve end-use performance across industries - eliminating rust & corrosion; reducing noise, manufacturing and assembly time; enhancing product design. These are proven to increase efficiency, performance and durability, while lowering production and material costs.  

Bostik provides innovative, smart adhesives for tapes used in industries like healthcare, construction, automotive, and more. Whether you’re looking for hot-melt or water-and-solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, our application-specific formulation ensures that the demands of your most stringent applications are met. At Bostik, we’re always working to help you avoid additional costs and provide the highest quality adhesives, all while protecting the environment. 

For more information, please visit us at: www.bostik.com