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Bostik’s Top 5 Smart Adhesives for Food Packaging

 2022-01-10       331

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Here are some sustainable adhesives that you can consider for your manufacturing process.

1.AquaGrip™ L20167 – beer, wine and spirits bottles 

Our water-based products are environmentally stable with UV, humidity, and discolouration resistance. For many large breweries worldwide, Bostik AquaGrip™ L20167 is the go-to option for beer bottle labels as its non-casein composition provides exceptional tack on cold and wet glass substrates. Furthermore, this adhesive meets the common ice-water resistance standards and provides a fast set speed with an easy clean-up. 

2.ThermoGrip® H4360 – beer, wine and spirits bottles

Bostik ThermoGrip® H4360 utilizes heat-applied technology to offer strong adhesion for various applications and line speeds, from 100 bpm right through to over 1,000 bpm. This solution is a full-pressure sensitive labelling adhesive, robust and excellent for glass and PET bottles, such as wine bottles.

3.Food Touch H18 – direct food contact

Bostik Food Touch H18 is a series of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSAs) for applications such as direct food contact labels. This environmentally friendly range is made from bio-based materials, has excellent die-cut, matrix stripping abilities and gives minimal to no haloing and curling. It also offers good resistance to fruit essence and leaves no residue when removed.

4.M-Resin – fresh food labels

The reseal M-Resins adhesive is a patented technology by Bostik that produces resealable films and lids for packages – specifically for cheese, processed meat food packaging, fresh product, fresh-cuts trays, bowls, and baked goods. This smart adhesive significantly reduces material usage by 30% and is compatible with mono-APET trays for ideal bonding. 

5.ThermoGrip® H2259-01 – deep freeze label

Bostik Thermogrip® H2259-01 is a freezer-grade, hot melt pressure sensitive label adhesive formulated to provide manufacturing efficiency and clean label application. This adhesive works to temperatures as low as 15°F for permanent and removable labels. What’s more, it adheres to polyolefin substrates, offers easy convertibility to minimize curling, warping, or bleeding of your labels and their edges. 

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