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Bostik’s Leading Adhesive Solutions for Industrial Labels

 2022-01-21       597

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We have gathered seven adhesives that can address the challenges you face, regardless of the market you’re in.

1. H2916H – linerless Labels 

Bostik H2916H is a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive that is highly successful in linerless label application. A linerless label application does not require a release liner and enables more labels per roll, thus reducing waste, roll changes and carbon footprint. 

The H2926H adhesive has quick stick properties to avoid common label production line issues, running with little or no residue on the rollers. This solution works well with mobile thermal printers and weighing scales. 

2. H20129 – personal care, household products, beverages 

Bostik H20129 is a styrenic block copolymer (SBC) based formulation for film labels that can be used with or without a primer. This adhesive solution can penetrate surface contamination on plastics such as shampoo bottles. It bonds to BOPP film without the need for barrier coating and is repositionable and wrinkle-proof. 

3. H2985 – rough wood, painted or coated substrates, recycled corrugates

We formulate adhesives that can bond to challenging substrates and improve overall label performance. In particular, the H2985 attaches well to various surfaces, including ceramic. This adhesive can also be applied at a minimum temperature of -1°C.

4. Thermogrip® H2885 – durable industrial goods 

Our Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSA) are suitable for oily surfaces like oil canisters. Bostik Thermogrip® H2885 possesses high peel and tack for permanent tape applications that require adhesion at room temperature. With excellent die-cut performance, this adhesive is suitable for permanent label applications, reducing the frequency of label replacements.  

5. Thermogrip® H2224C – drum barrels 

Our durable label adhesives can withstand bonds in the toughest environments without impeding the visibility of needed information for end-use customers. The Bostik H2224C solution is suitable for drum labels on applications such as oil barrels. It offers quick bonds at temperatures as low as -6°C and is durable enough to withstand a three-month saltwater submersion. 

6. H4197C – cosmetic products 

Our label adhesives also keep your pharmaceutical and cosmetic items safe and secure. Bostik H4197C is suitable for ambient conditions and caters to plastic substrates and transparent face stocks. It is also repositionable and utilizes ‘clear-on-clear’ technology to offer a sleek aesthetic to bottles. 

Bostik manufactures smart, quality labelling adhesive products. For more information, please visit us at: www.bostik.com