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Webinar - Unveiling success in E-Commerce: Exploring Bostik’s Specialised Offerings for Courier Bag

On August 22nd 2023, Bostik successfully organised one online webinar with the topic of “Bostik’s Solutions for Courier Bag”. We discovered the essential substrates that power the e-commerce world and gain valuable insights into how Bost···

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Bostik will present the most comprehensive portfolio of PSA solutions for graphics and specialty films at APFE 2023

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, will showcase the complete AROSET™ solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) series at the upcoming Shanghai International Tape &···

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Discover our new offering on the market for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Aligned with the Group’s unique strategy to leverage its three synergistic Specialty Materials segments, this broad product range combines our technological expertise in the adhesives market, strengthened by the recent acquisition of Ashla···

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Bostik Aroset™ solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives, your best choice of PPF adhesives

Aroset™ is a series of solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives that provides industries such as transportation, medical, and commercial with tailor-made, high-value, and innovative solutions. Many PSA products based on this tech···

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“Moving forward, we will see a greater shift towards sustainable adhesives”

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, has launched two new innovative products for India’s tape and label market. We spoke to Ravi Kumar Menon, national sales head, tapes and labels···

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