The Smart Solutions Behind Every Battery

Modern batteries are transforming the electric vehicle industry, but have you ever stopped to consider the smart solutions behind this new generation of batteries?The timing couldn’t be more pertinent. As the world looks toward post-pandem···

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Bostik Announces Launch of New GCR Series for Rail market and Other General Transportation Markets

Shanghai, July 26 2021 – Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist, is introducing its new series of GCR adhesive and sealant solutions for the transport industry, as the company continues to expand its feature rich line-up of Silane-mo···

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Durability meets performance - say hello to our new GCR transport solutions made especially for Asia

We’re excited to launch a new series of GCR adhesive and sealant solutions that are making moves in the rail and other general transport markets for their durability and environmentally-friendly formula.Expanding Bostik’s feature-rich lin···

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Bostik Drives Evolution: Innovating the Way We Move

With more than 130 years of adhesives expertise and over 9,000 patented technologies, Bostik remains steadfast in presenting smart solutions for the way we move. Today, the company provides adhesive and sealant technologies for the evolving···

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Bostik Keeping Trains Safe and Reliable through Innovation

Railway vehicles transport large numbers of people every day. In the Philippines, data from the Department of Transportation show that the congested Manila Metro Rail Transit System accommodated a daily average of more than a quarter of a m···

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