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 2023-05-10       191

The current high demand in the mobility sector is driving manufacturers to explore innovative solutions that can transform the industry in its efforts to future proof itself. The industry is continuously evolving: efficient designs and advanced machinations moving the industry forward from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV).  This is in part due to the increasing push for manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact and address global sustainability needs.

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Manufacturers are also driven to incorporate more connectivity with surging demands for e-mobility.  There is thus the added consideration to ensure that electronic components within vehicles are suitably safeguarded from damage.  The mobility sector’s progress in automobile construction is also seeing it advance from traditional mechanical fasteners like rivets, nuts and bolts to using structural adhesives and sealants to integrate car parts.  The use of structural adhesives, with its ability to bond different materials cohesively and securely under stress is a boon to user safety as the strength of these bonds are able to withstand exposure to vibrations, shocks and temperature variations.  The integration of advanced technology into the designs of automobile manufacturing means parts are increasingly miniaturised, requiring more precision construction.


Climate concerns is another driving factor for durability and recyclability within the industry. Transitioning towards a more sustainable future is seeing manufacturers incorporating solutions that are effective during the initial manufacturing stage as well as for repair services, therefore reducing the need to create new tools and parts.


Structural adhesives is proving itself as a practical solution to reducing weight and maximising battery functionalities.  Its usage also contributes towards better aesthetics with cleaner lines without the protrusion of nails and rivets and weld marks on automotive bodies.  All these and more is seeing the structural adhesives market growing at an exponential rate, with a projection of reaching USD 19.4 billion by 2024.


Recognising the growing significance of structural adhesives, Bostik is incessantly pressing ourself as a leader in the industry to innovate and progress with our partners.  Bostik keeps abreast with developments in the industry and ensuring adherence to the stringent regulatory requirements.  The close collaboration with tier suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the aftermarket has led to the inventions of a range of adhesives and sealants based on high-performance technologies that meets the rigorous demands of the industry.


Bostik’s full range of adhesives and sealants has been either tailor-made or co-developed with our customers to meet and even exceed process assembly requirements.  Our global network of expert teams with application and process know-how are able to provide R&D support to our customers in every region.  


Our tailor-made 2K polyurethane adhesive materials for prismatic cells module assembly is adaptable to customers’ specifications.  The 2KPU GPU 6130ES and GPU 6120E have a good balance between operation time and initial strength.  The high strength before and after ageing with an easy handling of 1:1 mixing ratio and no sagging offer manufacturers the high-performance capabilities that are able to weather harsh applications conditions.


Bostik’s MMA range supports cell bonding and alleviates structural bonding challenges in battery systems design.  The MMA SAF 30-15 and Ultimate 10 provide high bonding strength in dynamic conditions, resulting in zero loose cells and excellent ageing thus ensuring no performance loss.  These adhesives with their exceptional chemical compatibility support full automation with fixture times of less than 20minutes.


Bostik aims to support our customers in their goal to produce and repair vehicles that are tougher, lighter, and quieter with smart solutions that can optimise manufacturers’ production and repair processes.  With structural bonding, we are confident that we can provide beneficial solutions to our customers for better performing vehicles with longer shelf life, battery safety and the care and protection of passengers.  

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