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The recent Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the world was a tremendous wakeup call to everyone in various aspects of life.  It saw everyone scrambling to quickly address the issue and then realising large gaps that most had not even thought of.  One of these areas was in the deployment of specialty medical vehicles.  The widespread and far-reaching speed of the virus dictated the need for medical personnel to reach contamination areas quickly.  More importantly it was crucial that these medical vehicles were securely sealed to avoid contaminants leaking out into the environment and endangering the public whilst transporting infectious patients to medical facilities.

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In the midst of this virulent situation, Bostik stepped up with its Simson ISR 7003, an adhesive and sealant with an amazing array of features that are suited especially to these demanding conditions.

Bostik has always believed in a “customer first” stance. The company has always been quick to respond to their client’s conundrum while simultaneously being very careful to take the time to analyse thoroughly the challenges posed and to consider pertinent situations unique to its customer’s condition.  Bostik recognises that each client faces distinctive issues that may require prudent and comprehensive evaluation before a solution can be offered. This depth and breadth of Bostik’s dedication in seeking a pragmatic solution in timely fashion is a key value that current and potential customers appreciate from Bostik.


The Client is a well-established corporation recognised as one of the largest bus production companies globally. The pandemic, however, necessitated the company widening its portfolio to include various specialty medical vehicles, such as negative pressure isolation ambulances and nucleic acid sampling vehicles. These medical vehicles have extremely specific requirements to prevent contamination when used to transport infectious patients and collecting biospecimens during emergencies. 


While the Client’s R&D facility accomplished their specifications superbly, there was the issue of adhering parts of the vehicles that would not compromise these specifications. 

Negative pressure ambulances are frontline vehicles where negative air pressure allows only one-way airflow from the outside in to reduce possibilities of contaminated air flowing out of the ambulance. This negates risks of cross-infection between medical personnel treating infectious patients who are being transported.  

Nucleic acid sampling vehicles are outfitted with medical refrigerators and storage containers that holds biospecimen and throat swab samples. These tubes need to be protected and separated in a contactless and disinfected conditions to avoid cross contamination.

The company’s focus was on adhesives that would be able to seal joints of the vehicles effectively to avoid air leaking out into the atmosphere.  At the same time, passenger comfort was also a priority, with concerns of chemical odours affecting those inside the vehicles. 

Adhesives and sealants used in these specialty vehicles are exposed to high UV radiation, temperatures and humidities, which might decrease the flexibility of the sealants.  There was thus apprehension on how these environmental conditions would affect the efficacy of the adhesives and sealants, leading to degradation and loosening of the adhesion over time.


The Client approached Bostik to explore adhesives alternatives that would meet its stringent requirements.  Would Bostik be able to rise to the challenge with a solution that is safe, efficient, and flexible?

Bostik’s answer?  The Simson ISR 7003, a silyl modified polymer (SMP) based multi-purpose adhesive and sealant.

While Bostik was more than confident that the Simson ISR 7003 was an excellent solution, they still went the extra mile to run stringent tests to assure the Client of the suitability of Simson ISR 7003 as its recommended adhesive and sealant for the Client’s medical vehicles.

Rigorous tests in outdoor exposure showed that the Simson ISR 7003:

  • exhibited minor decreases in stiffness. 

  • became slightly more flexible with increased elongation after UV exposure.   

These qualities ensured that seams are sealed securely, and adhesion is longer lasting and more durable with the product’s resistance against the ageing effects by moisture and dirt. 

The Client was also assured of Simson ISR 7003’s high reliability during the production process with its abilities of:

  • adhering well to various substrates. 

  • requiring minimal or no primer. 

  • fast-curing speed. 

  • compatibility with many industrial paints allowing for customisation to enhance the appearance of the vehicles. 

  • colour stability.  Many sealants in the market showed colour change after outdoor exposure due to dirt pickup.  However, Bostik’s stringent tests exposing the SMP sealant in a QUV machine for more than a year showed no colour change.

The toxic content of isocyanates in traditional polyurethane sealants have adverse effects on eyes, skin and respiratory tract upon prolonged exposure.  As a solvent-, isocyanate- and PVC-free adhesive and sealant, Simson ISR 7003 with its low TVOC is a much safer alternative. As an odourless adhesive and sealant, both medical personnel and patients feel more comfortable travelling in the medical vehicles as they’re not inhaling chemical fumes.  


Bostik’s commitment and attentiveness to the Client’s needs assured them of Bostik’s ability to provide an adhesive and sealant that could safeguard passengers and the environment effectively with the Simson ISR 7003.

The use of Simson ISR 7003 in the production of the Client’s fleet of negative pressure isolation ambulances and nucleic acid sampling vehicles has been a boon in increasing the reliability of the vehicles to effectively maintain negative pressure environment within the vehicles and reducing virus spill over into the external environment.  

The Client’s satisfaction with the solidity and dependability of Bostik’s adhesive and sealant saw the company committing fully to Bostik in its fleet production, cementing again Bostik’s reputation as a leading adhesive and sealant manufacturer focused not only on producing top quality products but one which is sensitive to their clients’ needs and always striving to provide the right solutions. 

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