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Bostik’s New Thermal Conductive Adhesives Accelerating Innovation in EV Batteries Technology

 2023-11-09       242

Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist is introducing its new Thermal Conductive Adhesives (TCA) range to address the challenge of thermal management in the latest Cell-to-Pack (CTP) battery design for e-mobility solutions.



Mo Liu, Mobility business director, Bostik APAC, says “We have worked to partner with industry experts to offer innovative Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) solutions to our customers in the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery market.

In June 2023, Arkema had acquired Polytec PT., a Germany company that specialised in adhesive solutions for batteries and electronic applications.


“Our latest collaboration is a combined strength between Bostik’s expertise in structural polyurethane adhesives with Polytec PT for their expertise in thermal conductive materials”. Ms.Mo added.


China is the world’s largest EV market with 5.9 million units sold in 2022, capturing 59% of EVs sold globally, and growing still at an unprecedented rate.  Automakers are capitalising on this projection by vigorously upgrading technologies to cater to demands for smoother and safer driver experience.

A core component driving this demand is the battery module.  Every aspect of a drive impacts the battery’s life span and performance.   Climate control can therefore help conserve the battery by maintaining the desired temperature while the battery is charging. TCAs provide the optimal solution –they don’t just bond the components together but are able to dissipate heat.

Bostik’s positive relationship with Durr was showcased at the joint “Innovation Day” on 9th November 2023, in Shanghai, China. The event’s topic “Innovative Application of Thermally Conductive Materials in Automated Battery Assembly” was highlighted the EV battery.

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Durr’s development of innovative application technologies offers comprehensive solutions for battery gluing , Durr stated that “our focus is on the entire battery system.  While crash safety is important, weight and life span concerns are equally accentuated.”  Durr’s modular gluing technology ensures that adhesives and sealants are precisely and evenly distributed for a completely sealed environment.  This protects the battery cells from vibrations and safeguards optimal heat conduction.


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Durr’s cooperation with Bostik yields the flexibility and adaptability for the application of various viscosities and mixing ratios of TCAs for more effective thermal management.

Thermal management is vital to ensure the operating temperature of EV-Battery systems remain between 20°C and 40°C for optimum battery life and performance. TIMs such as TCAs are essential to battery design to ensure a robust thermal connection between the battery/cell environment and the cooling elements. With the trend towards fast charging for e-mobility, the importance of thermal management - and TIMs - is increasing significantly.

“The rapid growth of the EV market is directly commanding demand for more effective and better performing batteries,” said Ms. Mo (Bostik). The result of Bostik’s cognizance of the need for an efficacious adhesive for manufacturers is a strategic collaboration with Polytec PT and creating various products to answer industry needs.


The new XPU TCA 202, a two-component, polyurethane-based adhesive specifically designed for heat dissipation in battery pack assemblies. It perfectly tackles the challenge to balance thermal conductivity with high mechanical strength while maintaining good levels of flexibility thanks to high elongation.  Its low-monomer content meets the most stringent of regulations and enables easy product handling without specific training.  At a practical level it is also fast and easy to process through automatic mixing, dosing, and dispensing equipment. It adheres well to most substrates without using a primer, and cures at room temperature.


There is also offering of an extensive range of silicone-free gap fillers designed for securing heat exchange from modules to cooling plates and power electronics. 1K non-reactive Gap Fillers like the VP2106-408, is a silicone-free and removable Gap Filler, facilitating recycling and repair through effortless dismantling. This product also reduces the cost associated with mixing and dispensing equipment when compared to 2K alternatives.


The 2K SMP Gap Filler range is a 2K injectable SMP Gap Filler known as GF300LV. This technology excels in high-volume injection process and quick compression due to its precisely optimized viscosity, allowing for a streamlined and fully automated module manufacturing. It is also silicone-free and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the assurance of low abrasive properties.


As the momentum for EV demand grows at a brisk pace, there is even more robust demands for superior battery performance. Bostik’s commitment to the development of next generation Thermal Conductive Adhesives is a continuous move towards optimising battery life for more effective battery systems.

For more information, please visit at: www.bostik.com