Mobility SMP Automotive Assembly


 2022-11-10       212

Our daily lives are increasingly influenced by digitisation and connectivity and similarly, the automotive industry is not impervious to the effects of emerging technologies. Real world issues on sustainability are also affecting the industry as we begin to move away from fuel and look towards electric vehicles. Companies are also researching into equipping city roads with fully autonomous vehicles for better road safety. Such technological advances are the impetus for the automotive industry to lean on Artificial Intelligence in progressing the industry forward.



However, while many drivers are being converted to move away from fossil fuel and are swiftly becoming huge fans of vehicle connectivity, one cannot deny that the look and feel of the vehicle are still a major draw for drivers. Hence manufacturers have to be aware of producing vehicles that are not only technologically advanced but physically attractive as well.


The incorporation of high technology into the construction of a vehicle means higher sensitivity is needed in putting all the parts together. Thus, the adhesives used in assembling the parts of the vehicles need to evolve in tandem with the progressive performance and regulatory requirements that is happening in the automotive industry.



Bostik’s close and direct collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) has resulted in the development of a total solution range of adhesives and sealants for the automotive industry. Recently Bostik announced its rebranding of its Transportation division to Mobility in line with its vision to provide solutions for safer and more durable travel. The team’s R&D focus on sustainable initiatives is leading to high performing technologies that addresses the most stringent of automotive assembly needs.


Technologically, Bostik’s innovative bonds with water-shield and weatherstripping are aimed at protecting vehicle exteriors from the environment.

Bostik’s cutting-edge range of Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) adhesives are 100% isocyanate and solvent-free for safer working conditions. The adhesives are a cost-effective solution with their improved ageing performance and long shelf life, as well as providing a long-lasting and firm bond as they react with ambient moisture. The products’ excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates allows for a broad range of use and manufacturers are also convinced of the high flame retardancy for bonding and sealing applications which enhances passenger safety in transportation.


The durability and safety features of Bostik’s exterior adhesives for automotive assembly needs is revolutionising adhesive usage in automotive construction. As a component that takes the brunt of many vehicle damages, the bumper provides a degree of protection for drivers and passengers alike. Bostik’s 2K Polyurethane (PU) range enables speedy repairs with its fast bonding to various substrates, coupled with its long and stable shelf life. The adhesive is also able to withstand the constant compressions of dynamic loading, making it an ideal adhesive solution for plastic tailgate and engineer hood manufacturers.


Bostik’s SAF methyl-methacrylate (MMA) solution is the only MMA adhesive that is resistant to humid cataplasma. It’s fast curing speed and high climatic resistance is particularly suitable for the assembly of spoilers and running boards due to the adhesives’ abilities to accommodate assembly requiring a multitude of different materials.


While safety and durability are key requirements in utilising adhesives for the exterior of the vehicle, the comfort of a drive is a crucial component for drivers, a condition Bostik recognises wholeheartedly and a driving force behind the product development of adhesives for the interiors of vehicles like door trims, carpet, and upholstery to floor and headliner adhesives.


Bostik’s extensive research and development has produced one of the smartest and fastest bonding adhesives with its range of solvent and water-based hot melt adhesives that are versatile for a wide range of easy and convenient applications. OEMs choose Bostik’s range of HMPSA and Butyl adhesives for their excellent water shield bonding. As they are highly durable and reduce wastage, the adhesives provide a costs-effectiveness that is attractive to manufacturers. Bostik’s range of headliner adhesives are able to meet higher temperature resistance, bond unique materials and extend product longevity, while its weather-stripping applications provide OEMs with considerable savings as they increase production speeds and reduce waste.


The use of a variety of material such as polyester for carpeting and leather and fabric for seats requires Bostik to innovate a wide range of smart technologies to address assembly matters ranging from textile lamination, bonding foam to foam, metal to metal bonding to integration to the hating system as well as enabling one shot carpet recyclability. Bostik is able to offer manufacturers broader design opportunities while simultaneously increasing productivity with adhesives that encompass a range of heat activation temperatures. These smart adhesives with immediate green strength, excellent heat and humidity resistance, and strong bonding and ageing performance also ensure users’ comfort and safety.


From inside to outside the vehicle, Bostik’s assurance is not only on the products’ quality and efficacy, but the commitment clients receive on extensive technical support.

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