Bostik received “2022 Michelin China Supplier award” as 2022 Michelin China Anti-Epidemic Pioneer

 2022-10-09       191

On September 30, 2022, Bostik received “2022 Michelin China Supplier Award” as 2022 Michelin China Anti-Epidemic Pioneer, and Bostik is recognized as the strategic supplier in Michelin APAC business. It’s a big honor for Bostik for the great team work and excellent collaboration in 2022.


*Mr. Ye, Purchasing Director, Asia Pacific, Michelin, presented the award to Liu Mo, Business Director, Asia Pacific, Bostik Mobility.

As a leader in global tyre industry, Michelin is committed to making its tyres 100% sustainable by 2050. 

Bostik has a long history of expertise in Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP), and has become a reference and a leader in this technology. Bostik is also working on the development of technology through innovations that enable SMP to be used in a wider range of applications. Our innovations include:

  • High flame retardancy with HL3 levels for bonding and sealing applications to improve passenger safety in transportation.

  • Glazing/Bonding with strong grab for aftermarket automotive applications.

  • Replace Polyurethane PU technology with SMP technology to improve safety and sustainability.

  • High resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

As Michelin's global adhesive supplier, Bostik is committed to customer-centricity, we continued to supply our services and products to Michelin during the tough period to ensure it’s stability of production.

As the adhesive solutions division of the Arkema Group, Bostik’s growth prospects have been greatly increased by the opportunities found in the two firms’ complimentary innovation strategies, ideals, and technologies, setting the stage for the success of this high-value venture.

For more information, please visit us at: www.bostik.com