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Bostik SIMSON® ISR Series Boosts Beijing Winter Olympics

 2022-02-09       332

As we approach the end of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it may interest you to know that the Beijing Subway Winter Olympics Branch Line (Line 11) was put into trial operation at the end of 2021. It not only carries passenger services, but also carries a responsibility of being strong, safe, and reliable.  These are mottos that underline Bostik’s innovations, which is no surprise why Bostik is such an ideal partner for manufacturers of the rail. It is a great honour for Bostik to bring adhesive solutions Simson® ISR 70-03 and Simson® ISR 70-08 to this Winter Olympics.

Why does our Simson® ISR range stand out as the window sealant for Winter Olympics Branch Line?

Simson® ISR 70-03 is the first sealant based on Silane-Modified Polymer (SMP) technology, an innovative adhesive solution developed for interior and exterior sealing applications in railway vehicles. For this Winter Olympics branch train, Simson® ISR 70-03 provided our applications for window sealing, welded seams sealing, metal frame and interior floor, and multiple structural bonding. Its product features are as follows:


Fire retardant according to European standard 

EN 45545.

High  security
Low odour solvent-, isocyanate- and PVC freeFriendly to environment
Volume shrinkage is as low as 2-3%Good dimensional stability and ageing properties.
Low glass transition temperatureExcellent low temperature resistance 
Simple surface preparationhigh productivity
Little shear strength and elastic modulus decayHigh reliability
Low carbon black contentThe surface won’t be stained, keeping vehicle clean
PA substrate and epoxy primer substrateFlexible working process
Very good UV-resistance and ageing properties.The surface is ageing resistant, safe and beautiful


In addition, Simson® ISR 70-03 is also used for the bonding of floor insulation for the Jingzhang high-speed railway.


Simson® ISR 70-08 from Bostik is another SMP high-quality adhesive product specially developed for bonding windscreens. Simson® ISR 70-08 provides a rapid and efficient way to fasten many different materials for OEM, coach works, mobile units, etc., especially where installation objects have to be moved immediately after the manufacturing process. After installation the product has high initial strength and very good dimensional stability. The product has high green strength (a high internal strength) which results in a very heavy paste with extremely good slump resistance. Reaction starts with moisture and results in an irreversible, vulcanised adhesive. The high green strength coupled with high tack makes the product very suitable for applications where parts have to be transported immediately or shortly after installation.

Key features

High green strength 

Primerless adhesion   


Bostik's Simson® ISR series help improve overall vehicle durability and safety, enhance vehicle comfort, and extend the life of public transport equipment, meeting the latest European standard EN45545.

With end of the Winter Olympics, Bostik continues to innovate to make our products safer, more flexible, and more efficient, and actively respond to various environmental challenges to create safer adhesive solutions.

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