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Bostik Keeping Trains Safe and Reliable through Innovation

 2020-09-17       104

Railway vehicles transport large numbers of people every day. In the Philippines, data from the Department of Transportation show that the congested Manila Metro Rail Transit System accommodated a daily average of more than a quarter of a million passengers in 2019.

Considering the number of lives involved in the operations of railway mass transit systems, manufacturers are charged with the responsibility to keep trains dependable through wear and tear and other incidents, such as onboard fire.

From the long line of innovations of leading global multi-market adhesive specialist Bostik comes Simson® ISR 70-03 FR, the first fire retardant sealant based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) technology ]in Asia.

The new solution meets the highest requirements in the railway vehicle industry according to EN45545, the European standard that aims to protect passengers and staff against onboard fire incidents in railway vehicles. 

Part of the regulation are a series of evaluation tests to check a substance’s performance along the axes of fire spread, and to determine the hazard levels (HL) the material qualifies for. Bostik’s Simson® ISR 70-03 FR meets the highest HL-3 status on smoke density, toxicity, and oxygen index.

Demonstrating mechanical properties necessary for elastic bonding as a good compromise of an adhesive and sealant, ISR 70-03 FR is developed for interior and exterior sealing applications in railway vehicles, from windows to roofs to metal frames and floor systems. It can also be used as a constructive bonding adhesive.

Bostik’s SMP formulations are designed to meet the stringent specifications of bond strength, durability, and elasticity over a broad range of temperatures and humidity ratios. Thus, SMP-based ISR products, like Bostik’s Simson® ISR 70-03 FR, offers excellent resistance to UV, weather, and temperature. 

Simon® ISR 70-03 FR exhibit superb adhesion performance on a wide variety of substrates, with limited to no pre-treatment necessary, eliminating additional and unnecessary steps, costs, and labor.

Bostik is a leading adhesive specialist in the construction, consumer, and industrial markets worldwide. For more than a century, the company has been developing innovative bonding and sealing solutions based on important factors such as vibrations, temperature variations, and fire resistance, among others. 

OEM and tier suppliers around the globe can depend on Bostik’s consistent high standards for product quality, innovation, technical support, and customer satisfaction. For more information, visit www.bostik.com.