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 2021-12-08       429

Public transport systems have been growing exponentially, especially so these past decades.  The technologies driving these transport systems have seen a surge in tandem with the growth in ridership.  The rail system is experiencing a revival globally, with innovations and improvements to the system like light rail, metro rail, heavy rail, and high-speed rail going digital and automated.  China, as a leader in the global railway sector, has been robust in the development of train technology like autonomous rail lines or the construction of catenary-free and contactless train systems. 


Rapid economic progress in China has seen cities booming all over the country and the increase of commuters is placing rigorous demands on the cities’ transport infrastructure. China has risen to face these challenges admirably, growing to become a global leader in public transportation in just a few decades.  Within this short frame of time, China has successfully built a resilient public transport system with its broad road networks of world class highways criss-crossing the country superbly matched by a technologically advanced stable of public transport spanning high-speed trains and bus rapid transit systems with considerations on how the rail systems can be integrated with other public transportation systems, like buses.

Recent mobility developments to complement subway systems are gaining traction in Chinese cities as can be seen with the operation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems which are moving over 4.3 million people every day. The technology and design innovations for BRT encompassing elevated highways, boulevards, and minor streets highlight the multiplicity of BRT system designs.  


New technologies and new materials are seeing the construction of buses moving away from mechanical fasteners and instead utilising adhesive solutions and sealants.  This shift in bus assembly processes is influenced by the need to enhance sustainability, promote aerodynamic designs, reduce material weight, and ensure adherence to safety regulations.  Choice of materials as well as adhesives solutions contribute towards the overall durability, safety, weight, and comfort of the vehicle and to reduce the degradation of the buses.

While public transportation that are accessible, efficient, and comfortable are key requirements, the public’s safety is tantamount.  

Strong, safe, and reliable.  These are mottos that underline Bostik’s innovations, which then come as no surprise why Bostik is such an ideal partner for manufacturers of rail and buses.    Our adhesives solutions already meet the full range of hazard levels and exceed safety standards for smoke, flame, and toxicity.  

We are continually looking to produce solutions that make our world safer, more flexible, efficient, and responsive to the dynamic challenges of our environment, whilst stringently minding legislations to create the safest formulas. 

Bostik’s structural adhesives are load-bearing adhesives solutions, adding strength to the final part that has being bonded.  They bring high strength for durable and reliability on a wide range of substrates to applications like boats, bus, trains, cars, airplane. Structural adhesives can replace traditional mechanical fastening like welding, rivets and improve aesthetics, durability, and fatigue resistance.

Bostik’s SAF products have been developed to resist the most aggressive environments and show unprecedented results facing weathering and ageing.  The Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) adhesive solutions have a unique balance of high strength, impact and fatigue resistance, flexibility, elongation, shear and peel strength, and are usable within a wide range of temperature. MMA adhesive solutions allow low to no surface preparation depending on the material and permits bond to plastics, composites, metals, and are not sensitive to moisture, resists to water and chemicals.  Whilst the products efficiently reduce production costs and manufacturing process, they simultaneously improve aesthetics, increase climatic and chemical resistance, and make bonding applications easier, faster, and safer.

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