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 2022-12-12       218

Have you been following this page for a while? Then you would know that Bostik prides itself as #SustainabilityEnablersdesigners of innovative adhesive solutions and partners to the most complex industrial challenges to drive sustainability.


In our previous article titled, ‘Taking the first steps – kick-start your sustainability journey with Bostik’, we dived into the role of adhesives in sustainable manufacturing. The #AdhesivesAllAroundYou enable objects to last longer and better insulate, allow you to reduce the size and weight of your products, promote fixing instead of replacing, and make recycling so much easier – and all these are essential to help build a more sustainable world.


Today, 80% of manufactured products are thrown away within the first six months of their shelf-life. As we move towards a world with scarcer resources, circularity will have to become a norm. On our part as #SustainabilityEnablers, we consistently innovate our adhesive solutions to promote the shift to a more circular economy.


Recognising the importance of awareness and education around sustainability, we have been working within the APAC region to develop a campaign that would benefit our manufacturing customers.


We are excited to share with you – the #StickingToSustainability campaign!


What can you expect moving forward? A range of resources on sustainable manufacturing in the form of articles, social media content, and infographics. We’re breaking it down into four pillars – #reduce, #recycle, #reuse, #bio-based – each tackling the challenges of sustainable manufacturing and packaging and the opportunities manufacturers like yourself can leverage to promote the shift towards a circular economy.


Journey with us as we uncover how to identify specific product ingredients and raw materials that support this movement. Insights sought from our R&D teams will be generously shared, providing an exclusive look at how we balance sustainability and functionality for our adhesive solutions.


Our hope is that these facts, tips, and concrete steps will offer you an edge in the industry you operate in as you move through your sustainability journey. Stay tuned to this blog page and our Bostik Industrial LinkedIn page for the resources we will be rolling out over the next few months.


Have questions? Feel free to also drop us a message on our LinkedIn page. Let us be #SustainabilityEnablers for the betterment of our planet, communities, and businesses.


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