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Bostik introduces new anti-fog heat seal coating to the China market

 2019-04-16       307

SHANGHAI, April 16 –  Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for the packaging industry, recently introduced to the China market a brand new technology for lidding films, the Vitel™ 1922 anti-fog heat seal coating. The smart resin enables converters, end-user engineers and brand owners to better address consumer preferences for fresh foods and to streamline the converting process.

V1922AF, an extrudable, semicrystalline, saturated copolyester resin, solves a critical issue for packaging designers and converters, providing them a cost-effective way to produce high-clarity, heat sealable films for products that have a high moisture content and are susceptible to condensation in refrigerated environments. When applied to the packaging’s lidding, the anti-fog coating causes water vapor in the air and migrated moisture from the food to create a thin, uniform and transparent film instead of water droplets. This way, the coating ensures clarity with minimal light refraction and fog creation.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the rising global demand in the food and beverages industry is one of the major factors that has led to the growth of the heat seal coating market. In Asia Pacific, increase of demographics with disposable incomes as well as the burgeoning e-commerce industry have also influenced the expansion of the heat seal coating market. Countries such as China and India are forecasted to lead the growing market demand.

“In recent years, the Chinese government has imposed tightened food regulatory standards and consumers are now more cautious about food safety than ever. With urban consumers now willing to spend more on fresh and safe food, there is no better time for food producers to explore packaging options that meet the standards and expectations of customers,” said Daniel Thong, Regional Market Manager for Flexible Packaging, Industrial Adhesives Asia, Bostik.


“Products like the Vitel™ 1922AF will not only enable our customers to streamline their manufacturing processes, it will also enhance overall packaging performance and aesthetics.” 

In addition to enabling clear packaging and extended product freshness, Bostik’s smart PET-based flexible packaging resins and coatings offer ideal heat seal integrity to keep packages secure yet easily opened. They also possess high mechanical strength, good heat and chemical resistance, and high barrier properties while aiding in streamlined, compatible recycling methods. 

Featuring a two-in-one formulation, these smart resins and coatings combine heat seal functionality and anti-fog capabilities in one solution. This eliminates the need for separate manufacturing processes to achieve the same result, which is common in the industry. They also work well on a variety of equipment, increasing manufacturing flexibility and converter capabilities while decreasing line complexity.

In addition to V1922AF, Bostik has a range of heat seal technologies that can benefit the entire value chain through time savings, versatility, food safety and sustainability. Bostik’s line of Vitel heat seal copolyester resins for extrusion or coating features an easy to use, peelable opening perfect for food packaging. The coatings can be formulated for various seal and reseal characteristics at different seal strengths, and can adapt to most lid and tray structures, including dual-ovenable packaging. 

Bostik products can also help packaging manufacturers increase production times and ROI. M-resins are incorporated into blown film structures, enabling faster packaging speeds, lower cost-in-use and improved productivity compared to other packaging options, such as zippers. M-resins require no additional capital investment, and instead, only minor setting adjustments may be needed. In addition, they are a more sustainable solution, since the same packaging can be opened and closed multiple times, unlike one-time-use products that need to be discarded after opening. 

For more information on Bostik’s heat seal technologies, and to find out how Bostik can help you create a uniquely designed sealable or resealable food packaging concept, visit www.bostik.com. 


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