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 2022-02-25       531

As the world turns and faces increasingly new challengers moving into the future, a key area of interest is the area of sustainability. Whilst many think of sustainability in areas of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the environmental impact on the earth, in the manufacturing industries sustainability goes beyond environmental effects. Economic sustainability focuses on business practices that enable continuous economic growth whilst minimising negative impact on a community socially, environmentally, and culturally.

While we are all aware of the challenges ahead of us, trying to effect change is a monumental task, in part due to unsustainable business practices. Many in the global business community do not prioritise economic sustainability, mired in the mistaken idea that transforming their business practices towards a more sustainable one will result in higher costs and lower profits.

While the progress may not be as fast as we hope, more businesses are beginning to see the light of transforming their practices into more sustainable ones. Their consumers are becoming more aware, evident in their purchasing decisions which have evolved into demands for more sustainable products. In the adhesives industry, this has translated to demands for products that are diverse, versatile and deliver effective solutions over various applications.

Bostik is taking the lead in the industry, in embracing sustainable practices. We realise that by doing so we are not only preserving future resources, but we are making lives more convenient and comfortable for our communities while still benefitting the economy. Our practices are not focused just within our own manufacturing processes, but we are committed to support our partners in their own sustainable journey.

While the world is becoming more concerned with depleting resources and how to face that challenge, technological innovations has seen digitalisation influencing nearly every aspect of our lives. Technology has enabled the production of devices that are smaller and slimmer. However, this means that the parts themselves are becoming even smaller and require more precision in assembly. This calls for adhesives solutions that are flexible, sustainable and smart. Bostik’s adhesive solutions are specifically formulated for automated dispensing equipment on fast production line speeds. These smart adhesives not only reduce equipment issues and downtime but also efficiently decrease wastage.

Bostik’s explorations into new gasketing technologies, like Cure-in-Place Gaskets (CIPGs) are specifically developed to replace traditional gaskets in production processes and to accommodate modern demands. The technology features high efficiency and precision, designed to be dispensed by robots on smart production lines that assemble gadgets and devices that are growing smaller and more complex. Our smart adhesives solutions are developed with our customers in mind. We innovate to create adhesive solutions that will enhance the sustainability of our customers’ products and practice, leading to higher consumer satisfaction while conserving the environment.

Watch this video and learn about Bostik's cure-in-place gasket (CIPG) bonding solutions designed to reduce material waste, decrease labour costs, and more. 

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