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Bostik brings a range of innovative engineering and automotive solutions to Australia’s Collision Repair Expo

 2022-03-28       330

Bostik, the world's leading adhesive expert, will be showcasing our innovative engineering and automotive solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry at Collision Repair Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 7th -9th April ! Visit us at Booth AA15 at Adhesion Innovation & Technology.

Collision Repair Expo is the nation’s largest Expo for the collision repair industry. Held in tandem with the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, the combined shows are the only comprehensive exhibition for Australia’s $25B aftermarket industry. 

The theme this year is ’The Future of Collision Repair is Here’, and Bostik will be debuting new initiatives and features, featuring a range of fantastic adhesion innovation and technology for repair equipment, body finishing materials, tools and accessories.

Born2Bond™ Repair: Faster, tougher and with half the standard shrinkage 

Born2Bond™ Repair is a patented, gap-filling, instant adhesive and repair product with excellent adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. Repair is ideal for instant bonding and repairing, because it combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive. A tough polymer is achieved with a hardening time of under 10 minutes, and the gel consistency enables application in any orientation.

  • The Features: 


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Born2Bond™ Flex: The only 2K CA on the market with more than 200% elongation

Born2Bond™ Flex is a patent-pending, flexible, elastic and low-odour instant adhesive with exceptional adhesion to a very broad range of materials and surfaces. It becomes a polymer (hardens) with more than 200% elongation with a working time (in mixer) of up to six minutes. It can be used for high-volumetric gap filling, achieving instant adhesion to most plastics, woods and metals as well as to porous and irregular surfaces.

  • The Features: 


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Born2Bond™ Structural: The toughest structural 2K CA on the market, with the longest open time

Born2Bond™ Structural is a patented, high-strength hybrid adhesive that provides a fast fixture time at room temperature while maintaining good processability and bond gaps up to 5mm. This product offers excellent bonding characteristics to a large variety of closed substrates, such as aluminum, steel, plastics and elastomers as well as porous substrates, such as woods, chipboard and leather. Born2Bond™ Structural is formulated for applications that require mechanical and in-use environmental resistance.

  • The Features: 


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Bostik SMP Bonding & Sealing

Bostik SMP adhesives are the smart choice for windscreen bonding, offering improved efficiency and exceptional performance. Our SMP products can be used without primers, hence reducing production time and costs by minimizing substrate preparation. As well as primerless adhesion, our SMP systems boast high green strength, allowing movement shortly after windshield installation. Additionally, their solvent-free and isocyanate-free formulations contain little to no VOCs.

  • The Features: 

✅ Easy-to-apply

✅ Cost-effective

✅ Environmentally-friendly

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Bostik's adhesive solutions are tailor-made to meet the end-to-end needs of a wide range of industries, including car aftermarket.  Please join us at booth AA15 to learn about our new technology and more.

To learn more about how our adhesives, please visit us at: www.bostik.com