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Innovating Towards a Sustainable Economic Future: Stronger, Smarter, Safer Bonds

 2022-03-02       451

Alexis Monlun, APAC Director, GBU Durable Goods, Shares Insight on How Manufacturing Industries Can Innovate Towards a Sustainable Economic Future

Recent health and economic changes sweeping the world was a stimulus for us to be future-ready, especially in the way we produce and consume.  As we face the challenges of sustainable development, demands for innovative, high-performance materials that can breach the barriers of technology yet sustain our environment have driven manufacturers to review their role in answering consumer demands.  


There is a new standard of consumers who are becoming more environmentally driven, and they are opting for sustainable products.  While these consumers want to be part of a circular economy, the industry needs to provide ways for them to be able to participate.   Therefore, reimagining manufacturing towards a more circular consumption model will not only sustain our environment but also rejuvenate businesses.


In a circular economy, products designed to be reusable can drive growth.  Sustainable productions like electrical devices designed for easy repairs can optimise resources and recover waste.  Such sustainable productions are effective building blocks for a circular economy infrastructure. 

A reimagined manufacturing industry driven by sustainability is also pushing the boundaries on technological improvements in adhesives and sealants.  Demands for more sustainable products translates to calls for greener, cleaner, and friendlier adhesive solutions.  

Bostik’s R&D teams are always innovating to produce sustainable adhesives solutions to meet growing expectations. We work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing customers to create various types of sustainable adhesives solutions for their specific needs.  An example of this would be the automotive industry, where our recyclable adhesives solutions are fully compatible with substrates they are bonded to and will not generate any adhesive waste when the adhesives melt down at the products’ end of life.


A greener adhesive is crucial in building a more sustainable world. Such adhesives solutions make objects last and drastically reduce the impact of many of our industries. There is a key need to consistently evaluate our adhesives solutions so that a growing proportion contributes to the emergence of a more circular economy, and a more sustainable world. Linear economic models place a heavy burden on resources and the planet’s ecosystems where products are consumed and then discarded. To nurture a more sustainable environment, a transformation must be made in the processes of how things are made and used.

The acquisition of Prochimir and Fixatti by Arkema, Bostik’s parent company, is a step towards addressing bonding challenges for the construction, technical coating, battery, automotive and textile printing markets.  Fixatti’s specialty in high-performance, environmentally-friendly, thermobonding adhesive powders provides an avenue for Bostik to strengthen its offering of hot melt adhesive solutions.

Strong, safe, and reliable.  These are mottos that underline Bostik’s innovations, which makes Bostik such an ideal partner for manufacturers across industries.    The solutions are made safer, as Bostik applies innovative technologies on its smart adhesives to meet regulatory compliance, address sustainability and environmental challenges. 

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