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Bostik was Awarded the 2021 Best Supplier Award by the Coca-Cola Company

 2022-06-30       735

Coca-Cola Company held a supplier awarding ceremony in June 2022. Bostik participated in this awarding ceremony, and was honored with the best adhesive supplier by Coca-Cola. This special honor shows Coca-Cola's recognition of Bostik's packaging adhesive products and services, and also reinforces our cooperation with the Coca-Cola Group.


As one of the world's largest beverage enterprises, Coca-Cola has a global market share of 48%. Since 2016, Bostik has successively established good cooperative relations with the three major manufacturers of Coca-Cola China.

As the world's leading provider of adhesive solutions, Bostik has provided the Coca-Cola China Company with case sealing adhesive, Kizen, and labeling adhesive since the cooperation.

Bostik's packaging adhesives have reasonable opening and curing time, as well as the suitable initial strength, to match various packaging processes or different machine types. In high- and low-temperature storage environment, it can still provide excellent adhesion. For example, Kizen has good adhesion to many substrates, is suitable for high-speed production lines, and meets the requirements for storage at a low temperature of -18°C.

Through a series of communication and testing, and by means of efficient and innovative solutions and customer-centered service concept, we have successfully improved the packaging efficiency and reliability, and have always been helping the production line continue to run stably.

Bostik will continue to innovate, so as to provide customers with high-quality adhesive products and services.

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