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Sustaining building solutions for the future

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Sustainability. Quite the buzzword nowadays. So, what do we understand by the word?  A simple definition of sustainability would be ensuring balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being to meet our present needs without compromising the needs of the future generation.  In a world today with decreasing resources and increasing population, it is not just a buzzword but a reality that needs to be addressed.  And even more so now in the construction industry where the core purpose is to build shelters for the inhabitants of this planet.

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Rise in demands for sustainable engineering, renewable building materials for construction and manufacturing

Building construction has a massive impact on the environment.  Building projects use energy, water, raw materials.  They release atmospheric emissions and generate waste.  As the global economy expands and our population grows, we face the challenge of meeting emerging building demands while minimising their impact on the environment.


The emphasis on sustainable construction is gaining importance with builders focused on constructing buildings with processes that are environmentally dependable and resource efficient – from the design stage to construction and throughout the building’s life cycle.  There is urgent need to decrease their carbon footprint and ensure the quality and durability of the infrastructures to prevent environmental degradation. 


It is no wonder then that adhesives and sealants are a major part of that equation because they directly impact the durability, compatibility, and lifespan of many building components.  Builders need to be mindful of the products they choose to use in their projects. They need to contribute to a greener and healthier worksite during construction. They need to provide and enhance efficiencies.  They need to improve budgets.


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Increasingly, builders are replacing nails, screws, or other fasteners with adhesive solutions

Increasingly, builders are replacing nails, screws or other fasteners with adhesive solutions.  Use of these traditional fasteners create holes that increase in size over the years, leading to quicker degradation.  Adhesive solutions and sealants, on the other hand, eliminate this issue.  Adhesive solutions ability to provide superior bonding strength and sealing performance, and their water resistance also raise the durability of finished products. As adhesive solutions are adaptable to various substrates, they offer good quality performance to the finished goods even in high moisture environments.


Bostik’s prominence in providing adhesive solutions and sealants for the building industry is cemented in its products designed with sustainability and user safety as key priorities. These innovative adhesive solutions are specially formulated to accommodate a wide variety of substrates and materials and across multiple applications, from flooring, tiling, waterproofing, sealing, decoration, assembly, and insulation.  The wide range of products improve line speed and productivity, increase worker safety, and facilitate ease of installation.  Bostik’s commitment to the sustainability of its products also see the company ensuring that they comply with governmental building regulations.


Bostik’s sealants containing 95% or more solids are comparatively more environmentally friendly than other products containing a higher percentage of solvents.  As there is increased solids percentage, less product evaporates into the air, therefore requiring fewer total cartridges, cases, and other packing materials.


As a forward looking and responsible provider, Bostik is committed to a sustainable approach in formulating its products. This assurance builds upon Bostik’s commitment to a balanced consideration of cost, environmental, societal, and human benefits as it strives to provide better solutions that are safe for humans and the environment.

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