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The building industry is heavily influenced by consumer demands as well as governmental building regulations.  Whilst aesthetics is a key consideration for most consumers, user safety is a crucial area that is topmost in mind, be it residential or commercial buildings.  Hence, it is no surprise that governmental regulations are constantly evolving to address these safety issues.  Furthermore, as the needs of a continuously progressive society prioritises sustainable living and reducing energy consumption, demands for high-performance building envelopes that emphasises structural integrity for occupant protection, energy-efficiency and an effective barrier system has never been more crucial.


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New building adhesives and sealants are evolving to meet global construction challenges, prioritising green buildings and job sites

Adhesives and sealants impact the outcome of these high-performance objectives. Using the right adhesive, builders are able to safeguard buildings against external elements, thus making sure the durability and prolonging the lifespan of many building envelope components.  Adhesive choice can also affect construction time leading to better management of installation and labour costs.  However, with emerging building technologies and new materials, new building envelope adhesives and sealants are also being reformulated to meet new world building challenges, including the focus on green buildings as well as green job sites.

Bostik’s broad portfolio of technologies offers adhesives and sealants that ensure energy efficiency across a wide range of building insulation and weather-proofing applications, ranging from Butyl to Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA), Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR), Hot Melt Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (HMEVA) to adhesives and sealants that are based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP/MS/STPE) and polyurethane (PU) chemistries. These innovative solutions accommodate a wide variety of substrates and materials that assures builders of compatibility with their selection of construction materials.


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Bostik's diverse technologies provide adhesives and sealants for energy-efficient building insulation and weatherproofing

Butyl adhesives and sealants, with their ability to adhere two substrates together, are effective in waterproofing applications, filling up cracks between layers and eliminating leakages with their excellent bonding strength. Their ease of use - being more flexible, tacky all the time and able to be used in either hot or cold temperatures - makes them evident choices onsite. 

The Bostik Butyl series (Bostik P100/ 6000/ 5000/ 4000/ Butyl 1184) offer a range of advantages.  As adhesives that is bitumen-free, solvent-free, and lead-free, builders are assured of their worker’s safety onsite. Workability is also enhanced as the adhesives and sealants are odour-free with high green tack and high green strength.  As a primerless adhesive with the flexibility allowing for manual or automatic dispensing, Bostik’s butyl adhesives adds to production efficiency. The adhesives are also appreciated for lending versatility to designs due to their high temperature resistance ability to immediately bond to a variety of materials.


Another technology Bostik offers is the Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) that is based on styrenic block copolymer chemistry and modified with polyisobutene.  Bostik’s HMPSA range of products like TEP368U, TEP6610F, H2208C and HM2212, offer aggressive adhesion or tack without primer to common substrates.  These self-sealing adhesives can accommodate installation temperatures from -18℃ to 38 with thin coat weights and excellent shear resistance.


Under Bostik SuperGrip® series, Bostik’s solvent-free SG6516, SG6518 and SG6520 meet one of the highest requirements in the industry with its green strength, elevated service temperature and resistance to humidity and ultraviolet light. While its ability to adhere multiple substrates and lamination technology enables flexible designs, it is its compatibility with the most difficult of substrates like aluminium that raises its profile amongst builders.


Builders also have choice of options between Bostik’s construction adhesives and sealants that are based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP/MS/STPE) and polyurethane (PU) chemistries. Primerless, they adhere to common substrates with ease of application.  UV stable, these adhesives have excellent weatherability and are highly durable.

The building industry is growing rapidly, in demand as well as technologically, and Bostik is solidifying its position as a dedicated partner towards more effective building envelopes with its smart adhesives and sealants.  Bostik’s adhesive technologies effectively aid to make building materials more light-weight, energy efficient, and durable.  While their versatility allows for more creative designs, their properties provide for ease of installation on site.

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