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Construction is one of the largest industries in the world and new technologies are speeding up changes in the industry.  Polymer materials constitute one of the largest growing construction materials with broad applications from flooring, cladding, pipes to glazing and insulation.  Prefabrication or modular construction is also rapidly becoming a viable option in the modern construction site. 


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An aerial view during the frame stage of construction

Progressive building materials necessitates progressive assembly methods.  Adhesives has broad application potentials – from bonding diverse substrates to being used as insulation materials to protect buildings from water, vapour, air, and various thermal conditions.  As for prefabrication, adhesives have also become more prominent in the fixing of pre-finished panels and vinyl or resilient flooring and other prefab structures like wall panels, doors, and roofing. 


Adhesive solutions are cost-efficient, fast and allows for bonding of diverse substrates.  Adhesives and sealants are also able to maintain structural integrity as opposed to causing material change inside heat affected areas with heat welding procedures. Heat produced during welding or soldering can also cause damage or deformation which is avoided with the use of adhesives.  Such damage is also unavoidable when drilling holes for screws and rivets.  Using adhesives ensure joints are linked seamlessly leading to greater design aesthetic as well.

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Process of construction new and modern modular house from composite sip panels

While adhesives provide such wide usage across the construction site, builders are often burdened with having to source for multiple adhesive types for different functionalities.  This may cause time delays owing to longer production time and therefore raising production costs.  There is also the issue of ensuring product compatibility.  Different curing times and different weathering capabilities mean products may contract and expand at various levels which may impact bond strength.  Such concerns have seen industry partners moving towards the provision of a total adhesive solution for the building industry.


Bostik’s adhesive solutions cover a myriad of applications, from woodworking to building envelope and prefabrication and panels.  Recognising the need to support its industry partners, Bostik provides solutions that are compatible with a wide array of substrates across broad temperature ranges.  These adhesive solutions with high bonding and thermal insulating performance in all environmental conditions optimise production and installation speed and ease.  Bostik’s dedication towards extensive R&D assures builders of innovative adhesive solutions that run the gamut of applications at the construction site.


One of Bostik’s key technologies is its Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR) adhesive solutions for edge banding applicationsBostik’s Supergrip® 65 series is an excellent HMPUR adhesive solution that provides superior bonding strength and sealing performance.  It is water resistant and increases durability of finished woodworking products.  Its adaptability to various substrates provides excellent quality performance to the finished results.


Bostik’s trusted waterproof sealants are leading the construction industry with its waterproofing products like PLIOBOND™ 2830, PLIOBOND™ 1746, Butyl 1184 and TH225.  Products like Butyl 1184, a solvent-free thermoplastic sealant with good adhesion on almost all substrates, is widely used from interior to exterior household waterproofing for its good ageing, weather and water resistance and high-water vapour tightness.


The progression towards prefabrication has seen Bostik producing a range of adhesives catered to this construction method.  One such offering would be its ISOGRIP™ SP 3030D, a user-friendly adhesive with excellent resistance to water, heat, chemicals and humidity.  The adhesive forms thermosetting bonds with its chemical reaction to moisture.  As a non-flammable adhesive with no VOC or formaldehyde and easy handling suitable for various structural applications, it is a viable application choice in the industry.


The adhesive industry is one of the fastest expanding industries and while Bostik’s wide range of adhesive solutions already caters to nearly every aspect of the construction industry, emerging building technology means that Bostik is always researching and innovating to provide better and more progressive solutions to support the growing building industry. 

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