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A house is built from the ground up - from just a frame and then fitted with other components like doors and windows.  It is, however, an empty shell until its interiors and exteriors are painted and decorated and filled with furnishings.  These elements transform the house into a home. Other than aesthetics, what we want in our homes is security.  We want to be safe in the knowledge that our home is secure, that it is sturdily constructed and that it will keep us well sheltered.


The various materials that are used in the construction need to be able to be attached together and fit like pieces of a jigsaw. The environment needs to be considered - how the weather will affect the construction of the home, and how it will stand the test of time against the natural elements. Typically, construction of a home utilises materials like concrete, wood, and glass. While traditionally cement and plaster are used to bond and seal these materials together, advances in the construction industry have seen the creation of many new materials such as plastics, insulation foams, plaster boards, particle boards and many other synthetic materials. Such advances have also led to new methods of joining these components together.  Where screws and nails were habitually the method for construction, adhesives have become highly considered for its ease of application, and ability to provide good adhesion for better performances.

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Adhesives in the construction industry has many advantages.  The application of adhesives on surfaces that require bonding ensures equal load distribution throughout the surfaces thus reducing localised stress.  Chemically, adhesives are also able to withstand environmental challenges leading to prolonged life spans.  Adhesives are also sought after for its ability to bond different materials, such as glass to wood, metal to plastic and more.

Bostik stands out as a world-class adhesives solution leader with their advanced sealing and bonding technology.  Bostik’s commitment to be a reliable partner for the construction industry has seen it focused on developing technologies to forward the use of adhesives in the building industry, spanning practically every aspect in the construction industry, be it for indoor or outdoor use. As a steadfast industry partner, Bostik is constantly innovating to invent a range of total solutions for building components in the industry. 

Bostik is continually pushing the envelope to create a range of adhesives that will provide a total solution for building components, from outdoor to indoor applications. Hence Bostik adhesive solutions can be used from insulation glass and weather-proofing applications to underground waterproofing and waterproof roofing; upholstering furniture to flooring, and wood working; to foil facing insulation, kitchen exhaust systems, heating and air conditioning to structural insulated panels and doors. 

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  • Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR)

The solvent-free adhesive meets one of the highest requirements in the industry with its green strength, elevated service temperature and resistance to humidity and ultraviolet light. It is compatible with the most difficult of substrates like aluminium. Its ability to adhere multiple substrates like foam to textile is excellent for the upholstering of furniture, while the lamination technology for flooring and wallboard enables flexible designs. With a peel strength of more than 140 N, 60s and coupled with outstanding heat resistance, Bostik’s HMPUR adhesives make for excellent choices for woodworking solutions.

  • Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive (HMPSA)

User experience is enhanced by the underlaying, overlapping and self-adhesive membranes applications. Bostik’s adhesives offerings are compatible with a wide range of substrates, have high initial tack and balanced well between heat resistance and cold applications.

  • Amorphous Polyalphaolefin (APAO)

APAO’s capability of bonding various substrates especially challenging ones like foam is the reason why the adhesive is in demand. It has little to no odour, low viscosity, is soft and does not crack, thus eradicating noise as the adhesive rubs against the foam, as well as preventing the foam from sliding.

  • Butyl Adhesives

Bostik’s Butyl adhesives are sought after for their ease of application on site without need for pre-heating or primer. Butyl adhesive is safe and environmentally friendly being bitumen-, solvent-, and lead-free.  Additionally, the adhesive is conducive for working environments as it is odour-free with high tack and high green strength. As butyl adhesives will not dry, crack or become brittle, it is an efficient adhesive for waterproofing and sealing applications.

  • Polyurethane Adhesive(PU 1K&2K)

PU 1K&2K adhesives are suitable for a wide variety of materials and applications as they are suitable for combination bonding between different materials like metal, wood, plaster, cork, plastic among others.

  • Water-based Adhesives (WBA)

WBA provides innovative possibilities with their sustainable bonding alternatives. Formulated with polymers dispersed in water then combined with plasticisers, fillers and additives, WBA are highly versatile with their high heat resistance and compatibility with recyclable substrates. The solvent-free, low VOC, no odour WBA also reduces environmental impact and he low temperature application is effective in reducing energy consumption.

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