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Supergrip Building Components Edge Banding

Bostik’s Next Generation of Adhesive Solutions for Edge Banding Application

 2022-05-24       280

As wood materials usage has increased, so too has wood adhesive become more in demand.  Woodworking adhesive solutions are essential in facilitating manufacturers as they try to envisage key trends driving the furniture industry.  The right adhesive solution needs to be chosen for every aspect of the building materials application, be they used for bonding cabinet wood joints, for laminating, edge banding or more.

Demand for wood materials for construction and furniture is estimated to rise in light of rapid urbanisation. Escalating demands necessitates faster production lines, which translates to requiring adhesive solutions which bond better and faster.  Fast curing solution translates to more productive furniture production lines.  As wood adhesives are used in approximately 70% of wood products, efficacy is key. Adhesive solutions need to be compatible with an array of substrates across an extensive temperature range to cater to ease of installation and faster production times. The right adhesive solutions will see highly efficient bonding across all environmental conditions.


Bostik has always developed its products with customers in mind.  The aim is to support the customers’ production and economic goals.  Thus, our woodworking adhesive solutions are designed for specific applications in various conditions.  While the focus is on performance and durability, the efficiency of our products helps reduce production time and therefore costs.  At the same time, we are constantly innovating to create smart adhesive solutions that address environmental issues.

Edge banding is an important feature of woodworking as it not only gives a more polished look but also lends a more high-end impression to the product. It is thus important that the adhesive solutions used for edge banding enhances the aesthetics of the finished product. Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR) adhesive solution is the new generation product for edge banding applications in woodworking.  It provides superior bonding strength and sealing performance, is water resistant, and raises the durability of finished woodworking products. As HMPUR adhesive solutions are adaptable to various substrates, they offer good quality performance to the finished goods even in high moisture environments. 


Bostik’s innovation of HMPUR technology in Supergrip® 65 series is an excellent adhesive solution for the woodworking industry because it increases process efficiency and is readily available to more design opportunities.  The product’s qualities improve sustainability and safety while improving overall end-use performance.

The high green strength in Supergrip® 65 series stamps Bostik’s continual commitment towards sustainability.  At the same time, the product maintains a high-level performance with its excellent sealing properties.  Supergrip® 65 series has exceptional water resistance and high waterproof and anti-mould attributes, which enhances the durability of woodworking products.  

Supergrip® 65 series is a manufacturer’s choice due to its compatibility to a wide variety of substrates, giving it a broad range of application usage. The product delivers both excellent processing stability and bonding performance as its moderate curing speed has a high initial bonding strength which transforms to a high bonding strength within a few days.  

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