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Bostik carves out role in woodworking industry with smart adhesives

 2021-02-19       218

Leading global multi-market adhesives specialist Bostik prides itself on delivering smart adhesive solutions that help industries evolve. Recognising the crucial role of bonding materials in the woodworking market, as well as the continued growth of furniture manufacturing in Asia Pacific (APAC), Bostik has developed a full line of innovations that are safer, more efficient, responsive, and flexible.

Adhesives serve as the most vital component in the woodworking industry aside from wood itself. Bonding solutions are used in more than 70% of the total wood products today, while wood adhesives are utilised in every step of furniture manufacturing. 

According to projections from Technavio2, the furniture market will rise to USD 113.61 billion between 2020 and 2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 4%. The study added that the APAC region is poised to have a “lucrative growth” during the forecast period, one that will account for about 47% of the market’s overall growth, citing the onset of urbanisation and the increasing disposable income in emerging economies.

Bostik presents the widest array of adhesive products in the woodworking and furniture assembly market. The company’s smart solutions offer optimal adhesion in an easy-to-use form and present customers with a great deal of flexibility on the assembly production line.

Among Bostik’s many offerings for the woodworking industry are edge banding hot melt adhesives solutions. Marked by outstanding heat resistance and bonding strength adaptable to various materials, these innovations enable manufacturers to improve productivity, enjoy flexibility in design, and meet eco-friendly requirements. 

Bostik also developed water-based adhesives solutions, which are compliant with environmental standards of many countries and territories. Convenient and safe to use, the variants are designed to offer excellent performance for edge glue, membrane press, and finger joint assembly, among other applications.

Lastly, Bostik’s woodworking smart adhesives include HMPUR solutions for flat lamination and profile wrapping that increase operational efficiency and reduce cost. 

With an excellent track record in innovations for more than 130 years, Bostik’s smart adhesives for woodworking provide customers a complete range of specialised solutions. Each one is specifically designed to meet the diversified manufacturing requirements of the woodworking industry and help customers in their continuous pursuit of productivity and quality.

For more information on Bostik, visit https://www.bostik.com/.