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We are now Bostik Mobility! - High-performance solutions to address global mobility challenges!

 2022-02-15       431

# Why talking about "Mobility"?

We changed the name of the team Transportation to Mobility because our mission is not only to bond or seal a car. It’s making sure we offer solutions for people to travel in a safe and durable way. In the Mobility Market, we take into account the concern of people about their environment, about their personal impact of traveling, commuting to work, meeting customers or shipping products across the world.

# How Bostik Mobility team can help customers?

The new mobility is looking for technical alternatives to lower the impact of essential travels, and new generation of people able to quickly implement new solutions. At Bostik, we have more than 40 Years of legacy in automotive. We have a robust portfolio and unique solutions with the Arkema group. And above all, we have skilled, experienced and very motivated people to serve our customers.

# Bostik Mobility team highlights for 2022?

• Acquisitions and Partnerships

First of all, we are expanding again our technology portfolio with the integration of Ashland Structural Adhesives and the development of new partners in E-mobility.

• R&D sustainable initiatives

We are investing in R&D on sustainable initiatives with our key accounts. For instance, in the field of automotive interior or for adhesives that are sold in cartridges. 

• Investments in digital tech-centers

Finally, in this social distancing world, we are investing again in Tech centers, as we do in Farmington Hills, Michigan, through digital equipments to meet our customers in a safe and healthy way.

Welcome to see the below video to learn more:

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