Transportation Manufacturers Place Top Priority in Seat Profiles

Rapid urbanisation is driving demands for public transportation with commuters requiring safer and more comfortable rides. Manufacturers are making it a priority to provide quality furnishings and pleasant conditions and aesthetics in the c···

Mobility  Simson® ISR 7003  Transportation  Seats 

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We are now Bostik Mobility! - High-performance solutions to address global mobility challenges!

Many of you might want to know why we changed the transportation name to ‘Mobility’. Please find the interview letter for Benoit Perrier, Bostik Global Mobility Director to learn the story.

Bostik  Mobility 

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Our website dedicated to the automotive industry is now live

Our website dedicated to the automotive industry is now live! As a leading provider of innovative adhesives and sealants solutions for automotive assembly, our products meet the performance requirements of OEM and suppliers for automotive a···


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The Smart Solutions Behind Every Battery

Modern batteries are transforming the electric vehicle industry, but have you ever stopped to consider the smart solutions behind this new generation of batteries?The timing couldn’t be more pertinent. As the world looks toward post-pandem···

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Bostik Drives Evolution: Innovating the Way We Move

With more than 130 years of adhesives expertise and over 9,000 patented technologies, Bostik remains steadfast in presenting smart solutions for the way we move. Today, the company provides adhesive and sealant technologies for the evolving···

Automotive  Adhesives  Sealants 

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