LNG Assembly Liquefied Natural Gas Gastech 2023

Smart Solutions for the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Industry

 2023-08-22       123

Bostik, a subsidiary of Arkema, will be showcasing their wide portfolio of innovative adhesive solution for Liquefied Natural Gas transport and storage application at Gastech 2023 in Singapore.


These adhesives designed for alternative energy products deliver exceptional performance with their strong bonds across substrates and durability withstanding harsh weather conditions and deep-freezing temperatures.  The products, designed specifically for manual and automatic application, improve process efficiencies with their versatility, automation capabilities, easy workability and compatibility with more advanced processes and designs. The adhesives’ flexibility from high to cryogenic temperatures safeguards against thermal and mechanical shocks.  The strength and resilience of the bonds are enhanced by their elastic bonding which fortifies their endurance towards static and dynamic loads regardless of the harshest of environment.  This assures safer storage of liquified gas carriers during shipment overseas as well as land storage.

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2 Component Polyurethane Adhesives for Secondary Confinement Barrier Assembly

XPU 18411 A3n/B and XPU 18045 An/B are flexible 2 component polyurethane adhesives which can cure at ambient temperature or with heating.  Their structural bonding also ensures support under cryogenic conditions.  These adhesives are approved by GTT and Classification Societies for bonding of secondary barrier to rigid secondary barrier and stainless steel in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) applications.  XPU 18411 A3n/B and XPU 18045 An/B are specifically designed to adapt various working environment by manual and automatic bonding machine.   

2 Component Polyurethane Adhesives for Insulation Panel Assembly 

XPU 18571 A/B is a solvent-free 2 component polyurethane adhesive with high bonding strength and designed specifically for sagging resistance.  Its proficiency in providing better resistance to wide range of temperatures makes it ideal for use in the assembly of Insulation Panels for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) applications. 

Silyl Modified Polymer Adhesives

Bostik’s SMP adhesive series brings together the best of polyurethane and silicone sealant technologies. The adhesives are isocyanate-, solvent- and silicone-free with excellent green strength means a safer working environment.  The reduced number of preparation steps increases productivity and there is less wastage due to a more robust process.  Its flexible and primer less adhesion with elastic bonding feature provides strong and resilient bonding and sealing of window and metal parts in marine application.

For more information, please visit at: www.bostik.com